How to Do a Lying Leg Curl with a Dumbbell at Home

You already recognize that the importance of training your lower body looking for how to build leg muscle. You see, having a beautiful overall body, the muscles of the legs cannot be ignored. Not only do they look good when they are muscular, they also release several necessary hormones that produce additional muscles in your body.

If you cannot make it to the gym, stay with the equipment you have at home. Even though several exercises are difficult to perform without particular gym machines, you can handle most of them with a bit of improvisation. Case in point: the lying leg curl. While it is generally done with a gym machine, you can do prone leg curls at home with a single dumbbell as well.

Steps to Perform the Lying Leg Curl

Choose a lighter weight than you consider you will require in the beginning until you feel comfortable with the exercise. It takes some delicacy to grab the dumbbell with your feet. Then, place the dumbbell on the floor, vertical on one end. Lie on the floor, on your stomach, with straight legs and feet near the weight. Place the feet on each side of the dumbbell handle. The next step is to squeeze the dumbbell between your feet and turn your knees to lift it off the floor. The higher weight on the dumbbell will remain at the bottom of the feet.

Bend your knees sluggishly towards your butt, protection the bottom of your feet towards the ceiling through the movement. Sluggishly lower the weight down. Just stop before the dumbbell touches the floor; repeat. Do the exercise lying on a flat bench if you want a greater challenge in the lower part of the movement. The bench permits you to straighten your legs entirely.

Muscles Engaged

The lying leg curl points to the hamstrings that are the muscles of the return of your thigh. In addition, you will hook your adductors, or the inner part of your thighs, while you squeeze the dumbbell with your feet tightly.

Form Considerations

Avoid lifting the hips while bending the knees to pull the weight towards the buttocks. Make sure you have a great grip on the dumbbell before starting the movement as well. It will positively get your attention if you drop the weight in the middle of the exercise. A possibly safer another to the lying leg curl is a supine leg curl with a stability ball. Lie on your back in a stability ball with your feet. Lift your hips and turn your knees to pull the ball towards you. Extend your legs to finish a repetition.


Your legs are the biggest muscle in your body, and that’s also why when you begin the exercises on how to develop leg muscle that you feel is harder than another exercise you do usually. But this is completely normal because the previous exercises on how to build leg muscle will change your health in a way that will shock you and everyone else, in a great way that is.

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